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Automatically move Proxmox VM backups to the cloud with Rclone

Proxmox has an amazing backup system, that is missing just one thing - automatic move to the clou...

Set up VPN to bypass censorship (Client)

Setup of clients to connect via several different protocols to the server you set up here. 1. V2...

Set up VPN to bypass censorship (Server)

(As of 2019, this technique does work to bypass the GFW in China - I tested it myself.) This gui...

Kimsufi networking after installing OS from ISO

After installing an OS from ISO on your new Kimsufi dedi using a guide like this, you might find ...

HostDoc 4GB KVM (Build Your Own Server Trial) - Hetzner - Falkenstein, DE

FreeVPS Bench Benchmark started on Tue Aug 14 13:56:32 UTC 2018 Full benchmark log: /root/bench...

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