Set up VPN to bypass censorship (Client)

Setup of clients to connect via several different protocols to the server you set up here.

1. V2Ray

All of these commands should be run on the client, not the server.

  • Choose one of the clients here depending on your OS.

  • If you chose a GUI client, you can simply fill in the requested details from your server config file, or import a json file. Unfortunately, there are too many clients to provide accurate and timely support for each :(

  • To import a json file: Copy the correct client json from below to your config.json in your V2ray folder (either Shadowsocks or VMess), replacing the blank values with your server's information (hostnames, etc).

  • Set your system's proxy settings to the SOCKS proxy defined. By default, this should be localhost:10808.

  • Alternatively, it is possible to use the Shadowsocks client to connect to the V2ray Shadowsocks interface (this allows the use of obfs). However, that is outside the scope of this guide.

2. WireGuard & IPSec (Algo)

The guys at Trail of Bits have already created a fantastic guide for this. Instead of typing it all out, here's a link.

3. OpenVPN

  • Download an OpenVPN client, such as Pritunl or the Official OpenVPN client.

  • Copy the .ovpn files from your home directory on your server to your client device, and import it to your OpenVPN client.

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